Bluefire Warriors – ASGER

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Written By A. ClarkPrice

ISBN – 978-0-9944753-2-9

The second story in the ORIGINS of the Bluefire Warrior Series 

ALISHIA – Protector of the Bluefire

The war nearly destroyed the universe. Alishia has been in hibernation for thousands of years in order to protect her copy of the Mother Bluefire Crystal. She is waiting for her bottle to be opened so she can join the fight once more but she is scared for what she might find after all these years. It can only be opened by someone worthy, so she sits and patiently marks time.


The Bluefire war has been over for many years and the twelve Master Ionicals have retired to solitude in order to protect the remnants of the Bluefire Crystal. In her wait for the chosen one to be discovered by the white witches, Alishia sometimes hears the occasional voice so she knows that the world is still in one piece. There is no release from this prison of solitude until the right words are said to break the seal in order to free Alishia to serve once again.

Alishia curls up to resume her sleep hugging the Bluefire Crystal that she has been protecting for over a thousand years. It could be another thousand years so she makes a heartfelt wish that blessed release will come soon but until then Alishia clicks her fingers and falls into a dreamless sleep. The Bluefire Crystal shines bright as it accepts her wish filling Alishia with peace and tranquillity.

As Alishia sleeps Veronica sits in her kitchen staring at the odd little bottle that has been handed down through her family. Her brow creased as she thought she saw the bottle glow with a tiny blue light. Little did she know everything was about to change… The chosen one is going to be found soon and the dark threat to the universe will be discovered but will Alishia be released in time to help save the universe from the dark?