Nettpress is a real Indie publishing company that allows authors to publish their books without the Amazon Jungle complications. As authors ourselves, we knew there had to be a better way so we built our own trademarked publishing house way back in 2017.

So let’s be real… publishing is just the act of making a book available to be found and bought so it can be read by readers.

Publishing can be made complicated (like with the others) so they can take lots of money off you OR it can be simple (like with Nettpress) and help you eliminate the worry of how to get published so you can get on with sharing your work with readers and making money. That’s the dream right?

We’re a proud Independant Australian business that believes publishing shouldn’t be an obstacle. Instead, it should step out of the way and allow you to connect with your readers. 



Start your free membership, set up your bookstore the way you want it and publish your books ready for readers to find them and buy them.

You only pay when you sell a book. That means you get a whopping 90% of your net profit when you sell a book.

Of course there are small merchant fees and tax that every business owner has to pay as part of running a business but everybody knows that.

We just hand those on to cover costs but they are minimal and usually work out to be about 5% on average.

And that’s it, now all you have to do is get busy selling books!