Nettpress is a publishing company that published our authors’ books for free but Amazon and others were too big to go up against so we had to find a new and better way to assist our writing community.

When Ai was released to the world we knew that it was every authors dream tool to be able to flesh out ideas instantly or save valuable time and money creating engaging cover letters, synopsis and blurbs for our books. As authors ourselves we were hooked into the chatGPT world but soon realised they would make it a paid service and it is already at $20 per month USD in order to get the premium service.

So we got our tech guys to look into it and we’ve created our own Nettpress Chat Portal for you to use for free. All we ask is that you create a free membership account so we can keep the site secure.

You can register here free forever!



We didn’t stop there because we saw the potential was too great to be able to help people everywhere so we expanded and published more sites that assist with everyday things like gardening, wedding vows, pet care, starsigns and more.

We intend to continue to expand this new Ai technology to all people, not just the ones that can afford it.

Knowledge is a powerful thing and now Nettpress has put all the knowledge of the internet right in the palm of your hand…

You’re welcome!

All that is left for you to do is to try it for yourself… watch the video below to see the possibilities and we guarantee you’ll be blown away by what is now available to you through Nettpress. 

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Choose your flavour and have fun creating…

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